Rollout of De-fibs

SGQ have rolled out Defibrillators to all active sites in June/July 2024. De-fibs onsite add a critical Health and First Aid Response mechanism for the benefit of all persons onsite & surrounding communities in which we operate. 

It is important to include the defib in site emergency drills and regularly comment on its location during site toolbox meetings. SGQ organize over 1/3 of our workforce to remain current with their First Aid Response and CPR refresher training each year to ensure our capability to adequately respond is maintained.  

The hard facts;  

  • Up to 30,000 people in Australia suffer from a cardiac arrest out of hospital each year with a low 8% survival rate 
  • Early Access to Defibrillation can save a person in 70-80% of these situations  

Locate and Activate this on your Project Site in case of a medical emergency involving potential cardiac arrest. Inside the tough Case you will find the Defib Unit (access the pads by pulling the green tab at the bottom) as well as Pad Preparation Kit (Removing Clothing or Excess Hair)