The success of SGQ is in its people, their knowledge of all aspects of the civil and building construction industries and their meticulous approach to every project. They are strongly supported by the hands-on management and direct involvement of the company owners, who have long-standing reputations for their integrity and fair dealings. SGQ also runs a very modern fleet of equipment, enabling them to operate in regional and metropolitan areas with maximum capacity and efficiency.

SGQ and its predecessor company, Bellero Constructions, have been successful, privately-owned construction companies since 1986, under the ownership of the Goodwin family.

SGQ can be your partner in delivering works in categories such as:

  • roadworks, pavements and drainage
  • bridgeworks
  • bulk earthworks
  • concrete structures and heavy foundations for industrial plant and buildings
  • airports and runways
  • estate developments
  • environmental protection and remediation / rehabilitation works
  • sewerage and water treatment plants, including upgrades and extensions
  • building works

SGQ is a good choice for principals and project managers seeking:

  • outstanding reputation for excellence in construction and for safely and reliably delivering projects on or before time and within budget
  • competitive pricing, combined with integrity and fair dealings
  • the direct involvement of the SGQ owners in your project
  • to work with owners and senior managers that have expertise and decades of successful experience in all aspects of civil, public utility and building construction.
  • hands-on management ensuring a commitment to accuracy and clarity of budget and program at every stage of your project
  • outstanding reliability, with strong control of supply chains and project processes
  • open, productive communication channels – through long-established relationships – with authorities, designers, subcontractors and professional support groups

SGQ does not tolerate inequality and domestic and family violence.

SGQ pledges to work towards a Queensland where everyone is equal and free from violence.

SGQ commits to playing our role, working within our organisation and in partnership with others to raise awareness, improve prevention and provide practical assistance to end domestic and family violence.

SGQ recognises that, as leaders in the corporate and community sectors, we have a vital role to play and we agree to use our internal and external and formal and informal networks to activate others to join in this shared objective of keeping everyone safe from violence.