Brisbane and Joint Venture Updates

Brisbane Office Live! 

We are excited to announce the opening of our new office in Brisbane. The location in Eagle Farm expands our presence for Brisbane & Gold Coast opportunities. It provides a base for our Brisbane and JV Operations Manager (Bruno) and the expanding Brisbane team to support existing contracts, potential projects and our expanding joint venture partnership with Albem Operations.

Project Updates: 

Torbanlea Pialba Road including Beelbi Ck Bridge Replacement:

Practical Completion was achieved on 14 May 2024, a considerable milestone after a 2-year delivery timeframe. Despite challenging delays, cost escalations and technical issues, a high-quality product was delivered meeting the client’s expectations and standards. 

We are proud of the hard work and dedication of all team members from SGQ, Albem Operations and local contractors who demonstrated resilience and creativity overcoming project challenges. 

We also appreciate the support and feedback from our stakeholders, who helped us navigate the complex and dynamic requirements of the project. All have learned a lot from the experience, ready to apply lessons to future projects.

JV-11784 SMA M1 B2PB:
M1 Upgrade – Burleigh to Palm Beach 
(SGQ, Albem & Mcilwain Joint Venture)

The JV partnership is on track to open the M1 Motorway to traffic by the end of December 2024.

Last Quarter Milestones Completed:

  • Bridge 2 completion
  • New Southbound Entry & Exit Ramps 89 completion
  • Northbound & Southbound Traffic on permanent alignment (Zone 1)

Upcoming Quarter Milestones:

  • New Southbound Entry Ramp 87 complete – Aug’24
  • Bridge 4 complete – Aug’24
  • Northbound & Southbound Traffic switch to permanent alignment (Zone 2) – Sep’24

JV-2035 TCR S2&4: 
Townsville Connection Road S2&4

(Albem & SGQ Joint Venture)

We would like to acknowledge the challenges and achievements of the project team to date on the Townsville Connection Road (Stage 2&4). The Project has progressed well, working through initial environmental constraints, undesirable weather and technical issues. 

The project has activated 8 distinct working zones and 2 stockpile sites with heavy focus on progressing  works in the Stuart Drive south section and Kokoda Street intersection, to complete the contractual Separable Portion 1.

Last Quarter Milestones Completed:

  • Kokoda Street enabling works completion
  • Gartrell Side Track enabling works completion

Upcoming Quarter Milestones:

  • Separable Portion 1 complete – Jul’24
  • Stage 2 Roundabout Connection Traffic Switch – Aug’24
  • Cycling Complex Access completion – Aug’24

Townsville Connection Road (Stage 3) – Bridge Duplication

(Albem & SGQ Joint Venture)

We have some fantastic news! Our ALBEM SGQ Joint Venture has been awarded the Townsville Connection Road Stage 3 (Bowen Bridge) project. Well done to everyone who participated in the development, and submission of this tender. This is a remarkable accomplishment for our joint venture and a reflection of our teamwork and professionalism. The good work of our TCR S2&4 team has set us in good stead for winning this project. We are confident that we will continue to demonstrate our excellence and capability on both these projects.

The TCR Stages 2 – 4 and 3 projects are high profile works for the region: Townsville Bulletin – Townsville Connection Road & Bridge Contract Awarded Works

The project’s current focus is progressing with the establishment of the team and site facilities.

Last Quarter Milestones Completed:

  • Site offices establishment completion
  • Test Pile proposal approved to proceed
  • Procurement of steel liner for test pile done

Upcoming Quarter Milestones:

  • Test Pile Steel Liner Delivery To Site – Jul’24
  • Bridge Preparation Works Completion (South) – Aug’24
  • Test Pile – Aug’24

New Staff!

Along with the new office, we are also delighted to welcome some new staff members to the region.

  • Miguel Costa Teixeira:
    Undergraduate Engineer studying Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Business at QUT
  • Alistair Hunter:
    Civil Supervisor, currently working on the TMR Slope Remediation Package (DRFA).
  • Greg Coglan:
    Senior Project Engineer, currently working on the TMR Slope Remediation Package (DRFA).
  • Cruise Ten: Site
    Engineer, currently working on our SMA Joint Venture at M1 Burleigh to Palm Beach.
  • Michael Bertelsen:
    CQR/Site engineer, heading to join the Townsville Connection Road Team