SGQ Sustainability Certification Achievement

Business Chamber of QLD Leaders Forum

Some of our Management Representatives recently attended the 2024 Sunshine Coast ecoBiz Leaders Forum in June.

SGQ Pty Ltd were formally recognized during the event, receiving our 3-Star Partnership certificate for commitment and achievements in reduction of our Energy, Waste and Water consumption over the past 2 financial years.

Hosted by Business Chamber of QLD Sustainability General Manager, Cara Westman and the Fourm’s keynote speaker Richard Bolus (Pangolin Associates), the event discussed the compelling business case for adopting sustainable practices and how the ecoBiz program enables business to measure, manage, and reduce consumption to achieve cost reductions and improved efficiency.

This is a space that is growing in importance, particularly with our clients and governing bodies in which we operate. SGQ continue to demonstrate and improve our capability in providing sustainable construction practices and want to ensure we are proactive in this aspect of our business.