The success of SGQ is in its people, their knowledge of all aspects of the civil construction industry and their meticulous approach to every project. They are supported by a front-line, ultra-efficient fleet of equipment – one of the most modern and state of the art in the industry – enabling SGQ to operate in regional and metropolitan areas with maximum capacity, efficiency, and minimum delays or disruptions.

SGQ’s scope of operation includes:

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Subdivisions
  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • General concrete construction
  • Mechanical installations
  • Environmental remediation/engineering
  • Medical facility construction and refurbishment
  • Airports
  • In-house traffic management

SGQ offers:

  • Excellence in construction
  • Integrated road and bridge construction
  • Control of whole process, including traffic management
  • Flexibility and diversity providing a solid regional focus
  • Intelligent solutions to complex challenges
  • Dedication to Queensland’s environment
  • Strict adherence to budgets and time frame

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