The success of Sunstate Group QLD (SGQ) is in its people, their knowledge of all aspects of the civil construction industry and their meticulous approach to every project. They are supported by a front-line, ultra-efficient fleet of equipment – one of the most modern and state of the art in the industry – enabling SGQ to operate in regional and metropolitan areas with maximum capacity, efficiency, and minimum delays or disruptions.

SGQ’s scope of operation includes:

  • Bitumen spraying and sealing
  • Asphalt manufacture and placement
  • Emergency asphalt services including pothole repair crews
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Subdivisions
  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • General concrete construction
  • Mechanical installations
  • Environmental remediation/engineering
  • Medical facility construction and refurbishment
  • Airports
  • In-house traffic management
  • Testing services

SGQ offers:

  • Excellence in construction
  • Integrated asphalt, bitumen, road and bridge construction
  • Technical distinction with laboratory research and testing
  • Control of whole process, including traffic management
  • Flexibility and diversity providing a solid regional focus
  • Modern, efficient and reliable fleet of equipment
  • live-bottom trucks providing faster, safer and more efficient delivery of materials
  • Intelligent solutions to complex challenges
  • Dedication to Queensland’s environment
  • Strict adherence to budgets and time frame